R6250 upgrade path?

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R6250 upgrade path?
A few questions if you all don't mind:
1) In order to update to the latest version (I already have a version of DDWRT Kong Mod on my r6250), do I need to reflash fully back to the netgear factory, then apply the new CHK, then bin?  Or can I just apply the bin through the DDWRT UI?  If so, where should I get the bin file?
2) I see a couple of different sites for "kong".  Which if these is legit (and if none, can you point me to the correct server):
Thanks much!
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Answered by trying it out

Answered by trying it out because tired of waiting.

Since I have DD-WRT installed, I have no need for the CHK file.  Bin file for the latest version is located at http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/ according to previous MyOpenRouter Kong posts.

Using upgrade firmware option in DD-WRT allowed me to use the bin file from that url (I used the standard, not the 128K vram because in my settings it said I only have 64K).

Still not sure about the clonevince.fr address.


Hope this helps someone later on.

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I was going to update mine

I was going to update mine soon, this will help

but on the netgear site is says "128 MB flash and 256 MB RAM"


my router says "Memory  262144 kB"

also on my router it says "NVRAM  38 KB / 64 KB"

very confusing