r6300 5ghz problem

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r6300 5ghz problem

Like noted in a couple threads, when I flashed my firmware from stock, I lost my 5 ghz ssid. I had to set the mode from mixed to N/A mixed. Now it shows up. But I am limited to 86.5 Mbps. It was almost double that with stock firmware. Is there a fix or work around for this?

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Just confirming that this is the case for me also.

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I had the same issue...any

I had the same issue...any solution?

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 If you are currently still

 If you are currently still running ddrt on your r6300 upgrade using the latest .chk beta build here.


this firmware enabled my 5ghz band and allowed me to have full access to both ssid's. if you are not currently on ddrt flash the intial build then upgrade to this firmware.