R6300 DD-WRT no UPnp

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R6300 DD-WRT no UPnp

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. 

I followed the directions to unbrick my Netgear R6300 and was able to download and update the latest Netgear image.

everything was great, but I am a curious guy.

I flashed the recomended DD-WRT for the 6300 and it installed.  As per the recomendation I set up the security for the wirless and went to set the UPnp to recomended settings but there is no page that comes up. Just a blank page (white). I can go backarrow, I can access all other tabs on the DD-WRT interface. Only this one page is a problem as far as I know.

I can not surf the web wired or wirelessly.

I have rebooted the router many times.

I have performed several 30, 30, 30's More then 3 times

I downloaded a secound DD-WRT file in case the original one had become couruped and gone back through all of the above.

I am lost what suggestions do you have.

I am excited to figure this out I don't know what I am missing.


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Which dd-wrt build have you

Which dd-wrt build have you installed?

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I have almost the same

I have almost the same problem. A blank page on UPnP. But I do can surf without problems.

Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/14/14) giga

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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

I have the same issue today with a version of DD-WRT. I am using the following:


so far this seems like the only issue I can see.

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I had the same issue as well

I had the same issue as well with the UPnP section with the most recent build. I went to the older Kong build from October 2013 and it seems to be fine.