R6300 Kong r21808

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R6300 Kong r21808

I am using the KongAC r21808 and noticed a couple of things that the nvram space is incorrect.


Space Usage


32.02 KB / 32 KB 


(Not mounted)


3,304.00 KB / 95.00 MB

And also don't know if anyone else are having problems with mounting USB HDD,  It will mount first partition but that's all.  Can't mount part3 to /mnt.  Not seeing where /dev/sda3 is located?.

--- /dev/sda
Block device, size 931.5 GiB (1000170586112 bytes)
DOS/MBR partition map
Partition 1: 7.813 GiB (8388608000 bytes, 16384000 sectors from 2048)
Type 0x83 (Linux)
Ext3 file system
Volume name "Optware"
UUID 9C7F9244-F711-4B34-A538-DA038855DDBB (DCE, v4)
Volume size 7.813 GiB (8388608000 bytes, 2048000 blocks of 4 KiB)
Partition 2: 500 MiB (524288000 bytes, 1024000 sectors from 16386048)
Type 0x82 (Linux swap / Solaris)
Linux swap, version 2, subversion 1, 4 KiB pages, little-endian
Swap size 500.0 MiB (524279808 bytes, 127998 pages of 4 KiB)
Partition 3: 923.2 GiB (991256641536 bytes, 1936048128 sectors from 17410048)
Type 0x83 (Linux)
Ext3 file system
Volume name "Data"
UUID 4B921689-1238-43B4-8CAC-9F91CFEEAF7F (DCE, v4)
Volume size 923.2 GiB (991256641536 bytes, 242006016 blocks of 4 KiB)
Status: Mounted on /opt
root@DD-WRT:/# blkid
/dev/sda1: LABEL="Optware" UUID="9c7f9244-f711-4b34-a538-da038855ddbb" SEC_TYPE=
"ext2" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda2: LABEL="Swapfile" UUID="0eb22f00-9b4c-4042-b479-85ae3c15258a" TYPE="sw
/dev/sda3: LABEL="Data" UUID="4b921689-1238-43b4-8cac-9f91cfeeaf7f" TYPE="ext3"

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Hold it, this build is still

Hold it, this build is still in testing stage, I only offered this link in the R6300 testing thread for people that know how to debrick.

Do not yet flash it before I post a note that it is ready for public.

Nvram space display is correct, it shows:

32 KB / 32 KB

used / free, we should probably add a test description to it. The mounting is still standard dd-wrt mount, not my mounting code, thus it does what dd-wrt does:-)