R6300 speeds me down?

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R6300 speeds me down?

Hi maybe somebody can help me with settings

Kabel modem: Cisco EPC3208 - only KModem without Firewall and Wlan but has Gbyte Lan

Router: netgear R6300 v2 with latest DD-WRT built on it

120Mbit DSL Netspeed

Problem: direct Lan connection PC to Kmodem will bring 128Mbit speed

But with R6300 passthrough it will brake to 96Mbit

i experience with some settings and it goes up tp 104 Mbit but that was the end-

i think there must be some wrong settings or a barrier .

Maybe unbridge the Vlans? Thks for help or idea

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How many vlans do you have?

How many vlans do you have?
Is 96M Mbit the speed on all ports/vlans?
When you say 96Mbit, do you mean megabytes or megabits?
In my experience when testing DSL Speeds you need to kick all other users from your network to get a true speed test or the bandwidth will be not be true.