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R6400 New Version OR Alternate Software

I'm using the latest build for the R6400 and it's working well except I wanted to play with IPV6 and it isn't working aparently.  I read at least 1 post on another forum that suggested that versions beyond build 27858 have fixes for IPV6. As you can see the last build for the 6400 is 27261.  Everyone says the R6400 is the same internally as the R6300v2. if this is true would a flash of R6300v2 into an R6400 OR the R7000 build be better. Seems main diff w/7000 is cpu clock 1000 vs 800.  Both R6300v2 and R7000 are being updated.  The router is connected to Comcast and pulling an IPV6 (below) but "radvd" or "DHCP6x" isn't finding or allocating IPV6 IP's.  

Not sure where IPV6 is going since every home user will need a network consultant to get it to function.

1st tech support Q's: "What are all those colons and and alpha characters, I usually just enter 4 numbers and I'm good to go."


Router Name


Router Model

Netgear R6400

Firmware Version

DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/01/15) std - build 27261


Kernel Version

Linux 3.10.60-rc1 #1 SMP Tue Jun 30 18:03:06 IST 2015 armv7l

Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/01/15) std

Time: 13:23:00 up 10:14, load average: 0.05, 0.09, 0.12

WAN IPv4: XXX.XXX.X43.X41 IPv6: 2601:XXX:XXXX:44ff:200:ff:fe00

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Did you ever try a different

Did you ever try a different build on your 6400? I'm considering getting a raw build from dd-wrt just to have more current code.


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I tried the build for R7000

I tried the build for R7000 on my R6400. it worked great for like 10 minures then bricked my router.and was unable to get back up and running., So i took router back to FRYS's and exchacged for a new one. while the build for the R7000 was really nice its just not for the R6400 yet. even as buggy as the build is for the R6400 mits still way better than usingf net gears stick firmware.



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An update on R6400 will be

An update on R6400 will be very appriciated! It's a very good router and plays very nice with DD-WRT.

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Can that be done? I'm new to

Can that be done?  I'm new to myopenrouter but not new to dd-wrt. So currently just one legit build for the 6400 correct? I have a chance to purchase the 6400 so just wondering if I should buy it and be locked in to one  build or wait and see if I could locate a sale on the 6700 or 7000. I don't see too much info over on dd-wrt.com about the 6400. Thanks in advance for any info


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I'd love an update as well. I

I'd love an update as well. I went with the 6400 as I felt the 7000 was excessive, only to find out a few months later that there was only a single outdated build of DDWRT for it when I eventually decided to switch it over.

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I am also looking for a

I am also looking for a solution. either an update to DD-WRT or possibly an Openwrt build. 

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and 2 days later New Kong

and 2 days later New Kong build is now available for Netgear R6400!  




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48 hours I'll never get  back

48 hours I'll never get  back!

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So I just got a 6400 on sale

So I just got a 6400 on sale and will be wanting to install DDWRT when it arrives. I installed DDWRT on a Linksys WRT54GL when that was current hardware, so it has been a bit. In preparation I have been looking for a good walkthrough, and found this:


I will be using the 1-18 Kong release from here:


Does this walkthrough look about right? No need for the 30-30-30 reset an all? I know that reset was pretty important last time.



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I think I answered my own

I think I answered my own question about the reset.


Perhaps the 6300v2 and 6400 are not as close as I have read.