R7000 & Comcast: No WAN

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R7000 & Comcast: No WAN

Hi DD-WRT Experts!  

I am coming back to DD-WRT after about 10 years away.  I purchased a Netgear R7000 and successfully flashed it with DD-WRT v3.0-r31520M kongac (03/01/17).  I have an Arris SBG6400 cable modem which I have been using for several months before getting the R7000.  Once I flashed the R7000 I put the Arris in bridge mode and restarted it and the R7000.  I also cloned the MAC address for the Arris on the R7000 since I have Comcast as my ISP and I know that they require the MAC to be registered.  

I have restared the devices in various orders and numerour times over the past 2-3 hours and the R7000 has never gotten a WAN connection from Comcast. When I reset the Arris to factory default it comes up and works just fine and pulls all the necessary WAN information.  

Is there anything else I can try?