R7000 dd-wrt issues

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R7000 dd-wrt issues

I was running DD-WRT for about a week or two on my R7000 and every night i experienced the strangest issue. Around 11:45 PM it would kick every device offline and yes they would reconnect. However one laserjet printer is connected would grab a completely random IP address. No where even close to the IP range to be set by the router. A reboot of the printer would fix it but that gets very old after a while. 

What im really trying to do is run a bandwidth monitor that is sorted by each device so we can monitor who is using what. Does anyone know if Tomato (shibby) has that feature built in nativly? DD-WRT does not and i was trying to get YAMON to run and could not succeed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!



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After it kicks your devices check the router status. Check the uptime. It sounds like your router is rebooting. Try using the latest version of Kong or brainslayer
look at this post.

Al Caughey
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Fred - Al here. I'm the guy

Fred - Al here. I'm the guy behind YAMon.  What issues were you having with YAMon? It runs on DD-WRT, OpenWRT, AsusWRT and Shibby Tomato.

Have you tried the version 3? It includes a setup script that streamlines the initial configuration steps.  The latest version can be found at http://usage-monitoring.com/download.php