R7000 DD-WRT Kong 04_19_2016 2.4ghz wireless fails

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R7000 DD-WRT Kong 04_19_2016 2.4ghz wireless fails

Hello Everyone:

So I decided to put dd-wrt on my R7000 router, mainly so that I could use a VPN. Tired of my ISP throttling me. So I put the April 19th 2016 build of the firmware on there, and connected to my vpn. No issues except suddenly the 2.4ghz network stopped working. We see it but we can't connect to it. This effects a lot of the older and small devices that don't have 5ghz (Chromecast, printer, older tablets). All devices can see the network but simply can't connect.

Here is the odd thing. It was working fine then suddenly, it stopped. Also, this issue happened before when I was on the stock firmware from Netgear and updated from 1.04 to 1.05. I tolled back to 1.04 and the issue went away.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so any solutions?