R7000 To DDwrt Kong Mod

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R7000 To DDwrt Kong Mod

In downloads i only see a  .CHK  File to flash. my R7000  .....no   .BIN  file?????

is only needed .CHK file for flash R7000 to Kong Mod????


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Seems that's the only file

Seems that's the only file you need.

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Ok   Thanks Bro 



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 Routing prioritization on

 Routing prioritization on R7000P ?


Hello, I have a R7000P router with Netgear software connected on a adsl modem and I wish to prioritize Ethernet traffic on the ports compared to wifi traffic because my bandwidth is very low and the traffic that goes on my Samsung TV (connected to the R7000P) must go before others. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to do this because my network knowledge is still very limited. Would there be a good soul to be very pedagogue with me?  Thanks in advance