R7000 DDWRT Repeater Settings

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R7000 DDWRT Repeater Settings

Hey guys! I've had 2 R7000 Nighthawks for a couple of years now and when I first got them and put DDWRT on them, everything worked well for about the first year. Lately(its been off and on for about over a year now, but I've gone back and forth from netgear stock firmware to the latest(at the time) Kong builds) my wireless devices(especially tablets and phones, laptops have been ok for the most part) have been slow to load pages/twitter and especially buffering video. But let me describe my network setup. I have two R7000's one as the main gateway router plugged into my ISP's DSL fiber box with 45 megabit download and upload internet speed. The gateway R7000 is in a small house(in a spot closest to and facing the repeater) about 30 yards from my second R7000(in a house) which is setup as a repeater bridge under DDWRT. The repeater reports signal from the gateway at -63dbm where on a worst day being maybe -70dbm. I liked how the routers would talk at full AC speed under netgears stock firmware(performance seemed best under stock repeater option) but you do not have the ability to connect wireless clients to the repeater, only wired. The only way under netgears firmware to allow wireless clients to communicate with the wireless repeater is to disable router security, which I am not doing. I tried hooking a linksys access point into the wireless repeater to make it WAP capable for a while but the wifi performance was not that great. Thus why I went back with DDWRT Kong. For a while everything was great until performance started to drop and thus began the back and forth between netgear and DDWRT for a while. Most recently I even dropped the router security under netgears firmware to try the performance of the WAP capable wireless repeater option which worked very well for about a month then performance dropped again. So now I am back to Kong since he released his latest under DD-WRT v3.0-r31520M kongac (03/01/17) My problem is every time I install a new firmware whether its DDWRT or stock my performance is great for the first few weeks then performance drops, videos buffer etc. I'm almost at whits end and close to saying screw wireless repeating and burying a cat6 cable to hard line the repeater to the gateway. I was wondering if anyone had experience with DDWRT, Tomato, and AsusWRT and could recommend the best firmware for the best steady repeater performance on the R7000. Or could recommend wireless settings in DDWRT that work well for repeating the R7000. I primarily use the 2.4ghz band and only have 3 devices that use the 5ghz band on the repeater. The gateway only has 2.4ghz clients. Features I use are OpenVPN, and the USB NAS under DDWRT. I would just like the repeater to connect to the gateway at full AC speed and any clients to connect to the repeater at their full speed respectively(mostly N and G standards. I do not have any devices that are AC other than the routers themselves) and just have everything WORK! The traffic on the repeater is a lot of video streaming such as Netflix etc, music steaming, gaming, and even torrenting(torrent speeds are excellent btw). The main router gets mostly web traffic with occasional youtube/Netflix.

Any recommendations?