R7000 as a Firewall?

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R7000 as a Firewall?

i just got R7000, works great, but can this R7000 wifi router protect my LAN from cable modem WAN side like my Netscreen 5XT does now? i have too many devices with IP that go out to internet, this my 5XT is reaching max allowed users, etc.

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I am not being able to

I am not being able to understand your requirement.
All routers come with basic Firewall support. Which firewall feature do you need??

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I have just bought and

I have just bought and configured the R7000 with the latest Kong flash. I have found this site helpful in the past


If you look at the command carfully you can mix and match them to suit your needs

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This is a very good tutorial

This is a very good tutorial about iptables. Advanced users will find great interest in it. While normal users may use dd-wrt WebUI for easy configuration of firewall features. Most of the basic firewall configurations can be done through dd-wrt WebUI.