R7000 TOMATO - 5ghz security issue and weak wireless signal

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R7000 TOMATO - 5ghz security issue and weak wireless signal

Hello all.

I recently purchased the Nighthawk R7000 Wireless Router. I am stationed overseas and wanted to setup a VPN so I could watch Netflix, Hulu, etc and have a strong enough signal to push through these nice concrete homes they build here in Italy. All in all, the setup wasn't too bad using the Tomato instructions and HMA VPN. There were a couple issues I encountered after the install however.

I do have the two wireless bands setup but one of the issues stems from setting up the security of the 5 ghz. I was told the better security for the home and for signal was WPA2 and AES. I have both 2.4ghz and 5ghz with the same security however, when I setup the 5ghz security I cannot use my iphone, apple tv, or even my laptop to connect to the network. I either get an incorrect password error which I know for a fact it is the correct password because I wrote it in or unable to connect to network. As soon as I disabled security though I could connect without any issue. What I also wasn't sure about was the channel width. On the overview it shows the 5ghz band with 40 mhz and 600 MBPS but in the advanced settings I put 80ghz with an upper control sideband, etc but it didn't change. Does this come into play at all with the security or weak signal?

The second issue is the wireless strength. I had the router setup with the standard Netgear firmware before doing this and the signal along the 2.4ghz and 5ghz was strong. Like I said, these buildings are made of concrete but the signal pushed through straight above where my modem is to my bedroom and had full strength signal. Now after tomato install, I get a fairly weak to almost non-existent connection. Even when I had the 5ghz band with no security enabled I had a very weak signal to my Apple TV which is a merely 8 to 10 feet away in the same room.

Minus these problems, all in all I'm good to go. Sorry for being wordy I just wanted to make sure I got it all on the table so I could get a solid response. Thanks for your help!

- Rich

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HI, I'm not sure this is

HI, I'm not sure this is going to help you, but I had a very similar issue when I configure my R8000 DD-wrt wireless security with WPA2, my iphone 6 was always given me the "password incorrect" error. When I changed to WPA2 Personal MIXED and AES then it worked. I hope this work for you as well!