R7000 VPN setup

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Chris Danks
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R7000 VPN setup


I bought a R700 tonight, i connected it up and seen a firmware update was available, (V1.0.3.56_1.1.25) which I have updated too.

I setup the VPN service and downloaded the client and windows folder.

I then disconnected my wifi on pc and tethered to my phone.

I sucessfully connected to the VPN.

My questions are:

1) when I was on VPN, i used sites to check my external IP, it was still showing my mobile providers IP, I want it so all traffic goes over VPN so my IP should show the same as my router.

2) Does anyone know how to configure this for apple mac?

3) is their no way I can use traditional method for VPN so i can use iphone/ipad and authenticate with a username/password

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The Netgear Genie can only do

The Netgear Genie can only do VPN server, I believe, meaning it allows you from the outside to connect to your home network and go through there. If I understand you correctly that's what you tested and it worked but shows the mobile connection IP? Maybe some DNS leakage, or the netgear client is not working properly. 
If Netgear uses the OpenVPN protocol then maybe try the Tunnelblick app on the Mac, or Viscosity (free trial). Make sure you don't have hardcoded DNS in your network settings.
Maybe in your case if you are tethering through the phone you might have to start the VPN connection already on the phone?? Download the free OpenVPN app in iTunes and see if you can use it to connect to the router? Just a thought.