R7500v1 problem with file permissions

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R7500v1 problem with file permissions

Hello everybody,

I have some file permission problems with my R7500v1 with Voxel's Firmware

My R7500 basically works fine with this firmware and i have attached an external USB3.0 2TB HDD from Western Digital. The external HDD was fromated with my MacBook (OSX 10.11.6) with GUID partition table and EXT4 volume (for this i've used paragons ExtFS 10 for OSX). All required data was first copied from my MacBook directly to the HDD before i pluged it into my R7500. Setting up the readyshare function in R7500 was no big problem and i'm able to connect via SMB, FTP, AFP over TCP, etc. from my MacBook to the R7500. At the begining everything worked fine and i was able to access all files & folders (even the HDD's root) with full read & write permissions.

However since today i lost write permissions on nearly each folder and root. I've alerady unmounted the HDD from my R7500 using its extra remove function and attached the HDD back on my MacBook. But here i now have the same problem with no write access to most folders and root. Unfortunately OSX isn't able to manually set permissions on an EXT4 volume and also paragopns ExtFS 10 software has no options to set files permissions.

Is there a possibility to manually set file permissions using the R7500 web interface or in OSX?

Thanks in advance for any help :)