R7800 Voxel forward questions

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R7800 Voxel forward questions

I’m a newb in the open source area of my life. I can however read, follow directions, and watch videos. I haven’t been able to find any how to videos on installing and setting up voxels custom firmware. I want to make sure that I’m informed and don’t brick my router. My only goal is to boost signal strength. I’d love to get the most out of my system running a GBs connection. Thank you for your help

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Use IE11 or FF browsers for

Use IE11 or FF browsers for doing any FW updates. Disable any PC security software temporarily while doing FW updates. Use LAN wire cable connection while doing FW updates, never wireless. 


For Voxels FW, you can update to his FW by using the NG web page UI to covert over and go back to NG OEM fw. 


Voxels FW is great and runs nicely on my R7800