R8000 DD-WRT initial flash file

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R8000 DD-WRT initial flash file


I am absolutely new to the world of flashing routers etc and DD-WRT. I have just purchased a NORD VPN Licence and wanted to apply it at router level rather than client level, so that all of my internal devices accessing the internet via the router are secure. My understanding is that the R8000 does not have an Open VPN client feature and therefore I need to flash the router to allow this to happen.

The key piece of information I am looking for and wanted to understand is ... Does my R8000 router need an "initial flash file" installed before i install the latest DD-WRT file from Kong? The router is currently running one of the stock versions of the netgear firmware, version ... if so, where can I find this initial file for the R8000?

Any help and guidance that can be provided is much appreciated. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked / answered numerous times before.

Also, once the router is flashed, does anybody know if the netgear genie app (Android) still works with the router?