R8000 Flashing to DD-WRT

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R8000 Flashing to DD-WRT

Hello Everyone,
It's been awhile since I have flashed DD-WRT on my routers. I am buying a
Netgear R8000 which is being shipped and I have a few questions.
1. Do I flash the .bin or the .chk file to convert it to DD-WRT?
2. If I go back to stock firmware do I just update .chk stock firmware
or is there something else I have to do? I understand that manufacturers
now prevent you from downgrading?
3. Which firmware is stable for the R8000 as I have a mixture of 2.4gh and 5ghz devices
4. I am switching from a ASUS RT-AC87U to a Netgear R8000 but I have a
repeater for my RT-87U, will that repeater still work with my R8000?
5. I also have other ASUS USB wifi 5ghz will those still work with my R8000 in o=both N/AC Bands?

Thanks in advance.

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Since you are buying the

Since you are buying the router new, you'll need the .chk file.  NetGear stock firmware cannot flash the DD-WRT .bin files.

If you are buying it used / it already had DD-WRT installed on it, then you can flash either one.

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Hmm... thanks a lot for your

Hmm... thanks a lot for your answer