R8000 on Tomato by Shibby 138 AIO

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R8000 on Tomato by Shibby 138 AIO

Have always been using Tomato Shibby without too much on detail setting for previous ASUS routers.

First time changing to Netgear and some findings below would like to seek advice.

Some setup reference:

  • 5G both same SSID
  • wireless network mode: auto
  • channel width: 80 MHz
  • sideband: upper


  1. seems cannot choose network mode as ac only for both 5G?
  2. there's no difference in changing antenna transmit power? signal strength seems the same when change from default 40 to 70.
  3. need some advice on cifs mounting, upon setup only showing "mounting...", checked log always show error code -127. trying to save log into NAS.
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Shibby has very weak wifi

Shibby has very weak wifi signal compare to stock/dd-wrt.