R8300 - unloved step child?

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R8300 - unloved step child?

So my shiny new Netgear R8300 AC5000 is TECHNICALLY a Nighthawk® X8, but all the cool stuff is happening on the R8500. I know, I should have searched for the model number, not the name. Should I send it back and get the R8500? I'd much prefer the open source firmware.

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I heard, and don't quote me

I heard, and don't quote me on that, that NETGEAR works and releases firmware updates based on popularity of a model. The more popular/sold, the more updates it will get. Other models that sell less will still get updates but not as frequently as the more popular ones

As for open source firmware, if you want to run Tomato on it, get a model that's supported by it, like the R8000. No idea on DD-WRT/OpenWRT as I don't follow these firmwares since they don't offer CTF (hw accel) as I need it for my 300 Mbps line. Only Tomato (and XWRT Vortex for the R7000) offer CTF acceleration