R8500 many drop outs and low wifi speed

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R8500 many drop outs and low wifi speed

Hi all


R8500 with latest Kong firmware has dropouts effectifly all the timeas soom not used and during usage the wifi speed is superslow. aka a backup.

Maybe the NAS is the issue, WD 1 tb usb hdd is connected, could there be a configuration problem or is there something to look out for.


Any hint would be greatly appreciated... thanks.


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Hi, I'm finding the same

Hi, I'm finding the same issues as gpmhome, after some time the 2.4GHz channel stops working with super slow speed.  I've tried multiple configurations of the channel, reseting the router and adding the configuration from scratch the issue still persist.   Also the 5Ghz channel is not working as the previous firmware version.  

I'm even thinking going back to the retail firmware of Netgear if I can't resolve this ASAP.   Any pointers?