R9000 - dd-wrt - Success

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R9000 - dd-wrt - Success

Hi guys,

Just flashed Kong's latest dd-wrt build on my R9000 today. Kong, you're a legend mate.

Since flashing I've enabled ExpressVPN OpenVPN client on the router and configured the Keep Alive functionality to make sure VPN is always connected.

I'm on a 40/2 connection at the moment and I'm reaching peak speeds with the VPN on. Hopefully I'll be on my new 100/40 connection by the end of the week and will report back with new speeds when that happens.

I did run into some problems when trying to switch on the VPN so I'm starting this thread in case there are othesr who are trying to configure OpenVPN client and need some assistance.

Things I know that don't work at the moment (Kong's already called this out in his posts)

- LED lights don't blink (I have them off anyway)

- Link Aggregation is not supported - I had this on when I was on stock firmware but the ability to have a VPN client on this machine outweighs the lack of link aggregation.

The rest of the daily use features work as advertised and a big thank you to Kong for spending his time and effort into developing this for the community.



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Awesome, thanks for sharing.

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Kong's builds have been a community favorite :)

Can you tell us more about the keep alive function? How exactly did you configure that?

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Administration -> Keep Alive

Administration -> Keep Alive tab.

1. Scheduled Reboot - switched on to restart every Sunday. I would do this manually anyway as I like to recylce power on my always on devices (NAS, Media Device, Router, etc) on a weekly basis.

2. WDS/Connection Watchdog - Enable Watchdog. Have it ping (Google) every 300 seconds (5 minutes). If VPN connection is broken and it's not able to ping, it is meant to restart the router and therefore re-establish the connection. Over the last 24 hours that I've switched this on, the connection has been rock-solid so haven't seen this in action but it's meant to serve as the VPN keep alive function (from what I've read).