Remote access to Windows Shared Drive?

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Remote access to Windows Shared Drive?

All -

I'm really new to this, so please bear with me.  I'm working with our local volunteer fire department and they have an application that uses an embedded database that is running on a desktop at the station.  The application is for reporting purposes and training.  They have a DSL router for Internet access and have a brand new R7800 that isn't even out of the box yet.  The Chief has a laptop that he wants to setup to access the network at the fire station and he wants to be able to map the drive the database is on so that he can use the application on the laptop.  I'm thinking that he just needs a VPN connection from his home into the fire station, but I have no idea how to set that up.  It sounds like I would want to install something like Voxel's FW to setup DD-WRT, but I'm not sure how to configure all of that.  I know these are probably really simple, basic questions for you guys, but any help is greatly appreciated - even just a link to something I should read would be great.  The Chief isn't interested in having the desktop connect to a VPN service outside the fire station, he just wants to be able to get into the fire station network from home.  Thanks for your advice, it is appreciated.