Restore config incomplete (Tomato)?

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Restore config incomplete (Tomato)?


I've been using Tomato now for a couple of months, after some negative experience with DD-WRT. Tomato works fine, except for the VPN part (connections to NordVPN keep dropping). But that is something for a different topic :)

What I noticed, after multiple resets etc: the config that is stored via the Tomato GUI (Administration/Configuration) is either far from complete when stored or, when restoring that config-file, the restore functionality isn't functioning correctly. After every config restore, I need to:

- completely reconfigure my static DHCP table;

- reconfigure my basic networking (ie name of router, router's IP addresses)

Especially the first one is VERY annoying as this costs an hour to reconfig again..

Is this a known issue? How to solve?




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Edit: WiFi networks (and

Edit: WiFi networks (and Guest network also not restored)

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On my R7000 it restores

On my R7000 it restores everything but static ip clients and QoS setting properly. I used AdvancedTomato most of the time and switch to DD-WRT Kong: DD-WRT v3.0-r33010M kongac (08/09/17) Firmware about 2 months ago and it is faster and QoS works better. I found the R7000 to be a little buggy in its NVRAM clearing. I always manually clear it at least 2-3 times before and after any flash. I would definitely give any new versions of Tomato a try but their SQM/QoS is a little behind the times.

Still wishing Netgear and others would put out better firmware, maybe just have a setting in beginning of setup for Basic, Advanced and Expert modes.