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Routers Newbie

Hello everyone!

I am planning to buy my first and official router. I am currently a modem+router from my provider. It's a Prolink 5001N. It's already my 3rd or 4th modem. I always request a change of modem since the modem is really not compatible with Apple devices. Whenever I try to download something using my iPad, the download speed slows down, it's intermittent and it's not getting all of the bandwidth available. All of the devices that was given to me by my ISP are all Prolink devices. Probably because Prolink does not meet the standards in WiFi signal broadcasting. That's why I am planning to buy a router.

By the way, the latest device from my ISP has this Multi-SSID feature which I find it awesome. Because just by creating a special access point for some users who connects to my network, I can set them all to low priority in the QoS settings. I hope commercial routers have that feature.

Anyway, I heard Linksys routers and Asus routers are the best specially when both of them uses a custom firmware. So what firmware to use? I heard there are a lot of custom firmwares out there. And some of them can have programmable scripts.
Well, I basically wanna have a QoS where in, of course, basing from the SSID where the user or users are connected to, they will all be in low priority. Torrents are blocked. Not just port blocking. But a different method or algorithm that can block torrents. Also, something that detects if a user is downloading something or some stuff online for 15-30 seconds straight, it will automatically decrease the speed and just give 5-10 percent of the available bandwidth. I think it's useful for video streaming. However if the router detects something that is downloading and uploading at the same time, it means someone's video conferencing, automatically that user or those users will get all of the available bandwidth.

If possible, an added bonus, if a user visits a site that allows them to watch previous episodes of some TV Series, they are only allowed to watch a maximum of 1 hour of videos from that site per day. Is it possible?

Oh yeah, a router that supports Wireless N and 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz would be great and a wide-range router. Something that goes through walls.

Another thing, for sure Linksys routers, well for sure they meet the so-called standards so I am definitely sure Apple products will love them. How about Asus routers? Is it also possible, when broadcasting multiple virutal SSIDs, can I set a different DNS server per virtual SSIDs?

Thanks and waiting for all of your replies.