Shibby, HELP!

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Shibby, HELP!

I just flashed my firmware from 138 to 140, and now the router seems to be stuck in a loop.

I've tried everything:

reset-10 seconds

power-off, reset down, power on, reset for 10 seconds

Hold the WiFi button for 25 seconds (not able to to telnet to 223)


Turn off, hold WPS button, turnon, hold WPS for 10 seconds

How do I clear the nvram if I can't get a telnet connection to the box?


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Hmm, so it just does reboot

Hmm, so it just does reboot loops, flashing lights, repeat? if so then you may have to call Netgear and ask A) can a serial console be used to reprogram the box manually, and b) where you can get one. I can't think of any other "soft" ways of resetting other than letting it sit somewhere unplugged for a long time (I don't know if that actually works that was supposed to be a joke). try this. do the 30 30 30 trick. that really is supposed to clear things out. connect your laptop to the router and go to your IP address ( . try once again to install R8000-V1. try both through the cable and if that doesn't work see if you can connect wirelessly or another cat5e/cat6 cable. Mmaybe a bad Cat5e/cat6 cable? worth a shot. I hope this works. -Ed  

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It happened to me too, the only way i found to solve that was to unplugg the wan port's rj45 cable till orange power led turns to white.

Hope that'll help.