Shibby Tomato R7000 flash issue

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Shibby Tomato R7000 flash issue

Hi all

I followed the instructions to flash my Netgear R7000 stock (genie firmware) to Tomato Shibby.

The first thing I did was reset my router to factory default. After the reset, the router did not respond to, but it did respond to

So I then flashed the initial .chk file.

Now I cannot access the router's login page ( does not work). The router does not seem to assign any IP addresses for any of the devices I attach to the router. It appears the DHCP server does not work. It has a self-assigned IP address 169.254.X.X.

Please help. How can I log in to the router so I can then upload the AIO file? 

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Have you tried setting a

Have you tried setting a fixed IP address to the PC you use to try and login to the router? Setting that PC to should gain you access to the router if everything else went OK during the initial flash