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Shibby Tomato V138

Hi guys has anyone updated to shibby tomato v138  is it good any issues also how stable and worth the upgrade from V1.28 ?

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Tomato Shibby always displays

Tomato Shibby always displays at the top version 1.28. This version was the last one released by the original author and the first taken by Shibby and he never changed that version in the banner. To know which REAL version you're using, go to About page and look at the top

That said, I'm on 138-MultiWAN and haven't seen any issues at all, at least not for the things I use. And stop asking in each thread you make how stable Tomato Shibby is. The simple answer is, it's rock solid

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I'm new.  How do you download

I'm new.  How do you download tomato and what does flash mean

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Don't hijack threads, please.

Don't hijack threads, please. Make a new one with your questions