Should I even try upgrading the firmware?

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Should I even try upgrading the firmware?

New to this forum, and the idea of upgrading to a different firmware. I apologize in advance if this post is mislocated or already answered. There's so much to take in when researching

I obviously have the Netgear R6250. When I first purchased it (Approx 10 months ago) I thought it was a pretty good choice for the money. After all I was upgrading from a much older N300 router that was working perfectly fine. The range on the R6250 isn't as good as the N300 and the speeds are nearly the same (which was shocking to me). I probably reboot my router once a week because the network freezes up. If I watch Netflix on my chromecast and my roommate watched Netflix on an android tablet the network will either freeze up, or everything buffers (well, for netflix the video quality becomes almost inable to view). Anyway, the network feels like I slashed the quality in half moving to an AC1750 (r6250) router over a N300 router. My biggest hopes from all of this is a stable wifi network, good speeds, range and the ability to handle more than 2 or 3 active devices at a time. 

After reading about these Firmware upgrades and the ability to control so much more of the routers functions, I thought I had hope of recovering my wifi performance and not being the one that made the poor router choice losing us money. Unfortunately there's still limitations to what this router can do/handle. I thought I could use one of the much talked about firmwares (DD-WRT, Tomato etc...) but the R6250 is not supported *bummer*. Then I stumble on this site, which gives me some hope.

After searching through different posts, reading articles etc. I have questions.

Is it worth upgrading the factory firmware for a different firmware?

Is the potential performance increase and reliability of the network noticable?

I keep reading a lot of posts referring the builds being unstable and glitchy ( I understand this happens all the time), is it stable enough that I would be happy with the upgrade? (Ex. Am I going to end up doing an upgrade only to spend more time fixing the software?)

With all of that being said (I apologize for rambling. I've had a little to much caffeine at the moment). Canl anyone lead me to the right place to find full instructions on how to upgrade the firmware from this site? I keep hearing pretty good things about Kong, but I end up at the site to download the firmware. For the most part I had the process down with upgrading the firmware using DD-WRT. Some of the posts here sound like there are more steps to complete the upgrade and MUCH higher risks of bricking the router. Same as DD-WRT there are so many builds and versions it seems. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!! 

Oh...and if I were to upgrade this router what would you suggest that reasonably priced? 

Thanks in advance for your help. I do greatly appreciate it!! (Next time I will try to limit my caffeine intake ahead of time haha)

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a few months ago I bought a

a few months ago I bought a R6250 & the first thing I did was flash it with Kong, it is the best thing you could do for your R6250

download the link below, it is the latest Kong

- restore your router to Netgear stock firmware

-reset the stock firmware to factory defaults

-flash the router with DD-WRT

here is a youtube video

-reset the router using the pin on the back

-begin setup of DD-WRT

the new login details will be



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If you have not upgraded to

If you have not upgraded to Kong yet I suggest you do.  The R6250 will perform way better than expected.  At any given time our home network has 13 devices connected, 4 cell phones, 3 computers, 2 tablets, Roku 3, Playstation 3, Chromcast v2 and a Kodak wireless printer with zero issues.  My wife will be playing WOW on one monitor with Netflix playing on the second and if there is a football game on she'll have that playing on the tablet.  She also has Teamspeak running in the background while she plays.  My 2 sons play WOW, one on a wireless laptop and the other on his PC, both run Teamspeak as well.  My son on the laptop will watch a show on his cell phone at the same time.  I myself will have television playing on my tablet while streaming music and surfing the web.  Every once in awhile I'll jump into a MP game of DOOM.  All this going on and we have zero issues.

My setup is this.... I have a Cable internet provider modem providing 228 download - 18 upload internet.  After that I have an R6250.  Attached to the R6250 is a WNR3500L which supplys wired internet to the Roku 3 and Playstation 3.  Also attached to the first R6250 is a WNR3500Lv2 which supplys wired internet to my wifes pc and my sons pc.  Then I have a 2nd R6250 in the back of the house wired to the first R6250 to extend wireless 5G internet.


Like I said, we have no issues with connectivity