So many options, help a noob :)

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So many options, help a noob :)


I just registered here as it seems like the place where I could get good advice. I'm ordering a WNR3500L on Monday to replace my old 100Mbit Netgear router.

As a bit of as computer geek that likes to fiddle a bit (although not to knowledgable) I found the idea of the open source router intriguing (price was good to).

Now I see there's quite a few options out there, and even more variants it seems of each choice which makes me a bit loss.

My network is very small, just 2 Windows 7 Ultimate machines and a mobile phone will connect to the router which in turn will connect to my ADSL modem (static IP).

I run a web and mail server and MySQL on the server and my main machine is used for surfing and online games.

Naturally I want the best safety I can without limiting my gaming performance. I also would like to take as good advantage of the hardware and options in the router as I can.


So, with that being said, what would you suggest would be my best option for software to run on my router? What are the pros and cons of your suggestions, anything extra I should get/do or stuff I should avoid doing?

Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated and wellcome.