Switch from TomatoUSB to DD-WRT

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Switch from TomatoUSB to DD-WRT

I love TomatoUSB by Shibby, but my experience with it on my new R6400 has been less than stellar. Wifi perfomance is not so great and the router locks up about once a week. I have to reboot it to restore internet/wifi access and I'm tired of my wife complaining that the internet is broken.

I'm thinking of flashing it with DD-WRT. Is there anything special involved in switching from Tomato to DD-WRT?

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nothing special, AFAIK. Just

nothing special, AFAIK. Just make sure to clear the NVRAM during initial flashing.

Yes, Tomato Shibby has quite a few issues on the R6400, seen many reports about that, but keep in mind that it was just added. I'm sure Shibby will improve it in the future

Aslo, going to DD-WRT makes you lose CTF. If you need CTF you have no choice but to use Tomato or stay with stock firmware