Throttle Google Photo Backup

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Throttle Google Photo Backup

I recently purchased an R8500 and I need to find a way to disable services such as Google Photo Backup that don't support throttling uploads. I'd like to do this at the network level so it works for anything that's connected, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

I have limited bandwidth over DSL to QoS it really critical for me. I'd love to know if there is an open source solution that will give me better control.

I see that I have the ability to setup dynamic QoS that the device level but that's not sufficient. Too much of my upload bandwidth is still taken up and then nothing works, I believe because DNS calls can't resolve.

On the R8500 I cant find where to configure rules at the application level. For example, I want to give my Mac Pro High priority in general, however, the Google Photo backup tool doesn't support throttling so I need to do that using QoS.

This was possible with my previous Netgear router.

I tried using the Block Services feature ( but that just disabled all HTTPS traffic.