Tip: R7500 and NAT Loopbac

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Tip: R7500 and NAT Loopbac


R7500 does not support nat loopback in standard firmware.
You have to ask netgear for a beta. ( they have one )

Its not implemented in unsure if future updates gets it or not.
(wired connection)

Open-wrt has that function. // it will probl get bricked if you go back to netgear firmware //
But its easy to unbrick it. as long as it boots upp and lights are blinking you can you can access throu external
software. wont work. ( many guides out there ) read them before you go to openwrt...

// Go for Netgears beta if you need this function.
warranty is still valid etc.

If im not mistaken, all competing routers has this function. its odd that netgear didn't include it.

good luck...