Tomato 138 openVPN Questions

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Tomato 138 openVPN Questions

I cannot infer this from the screenshots on the site. For the Netgear R6250:

A) I would like to put clients outside of a certain IP range off the firewall. Is it possible to implement Policy Based Routing with OpenVPN client on Tomato?

B) Furthermore, for these clients assigned to the VPN,is it possible to config the PBR to route requests to a certain port, let's say 587, off the VPN (as done here with DD-WRT)?


Kundang Tsemo
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I'm pretty tied to Tomato

I'm pretty tied to Tomato firmware, at least as far as my remote sites are concerned. There are a lot of features--e.g. easy-to-configure DNS, usb-storage capability, SQL database functionality, detailed Wifi configurability--in addition easy VPN setup that are pretty critical for many of my applications.