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I have lots of things going on here and am hoping someon can help me sort it out!

I have a router running Tomato 1.28

I have read about TCP Vegas and that it should be part of Tomato since 1.23 but I can't find it anywhere in the settings.  

Now, the reason I purchased a router with Tomato was to have QoS.  Unfortunatly, I haven't been able to get it to work with my VOIP box.  After analyzing my bandwidth and traffic, I have come to the conclusing that what I need is a QoS rule that gives the VOIP box 100% of the upload/download bandwidth when a call is being made.  In other words, when the VOIP is in use, no other traffic is permitted.  Is it possible to set QoS like this using Tomato?

My issue is that I am using a WIMAX internet connection and there are trees in the way of the signal.  If the trees are moving in the wind I get one speed, if the  trees are wet from rain, I have a different connection speed so basicaly I cannot tell the router what my bandwidth is because I don't know from one hour to the next.  I