Tomato and Router Talks

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Tomato and Router Talks

Having never used Tomato myself, I'm hoping you experts can help me understand the lingo.

I was going for this one:

because it's on your forum and most used, and I don't know any better.

My friend recommened this:


because it's a newer build.

Now I agree that newer build is better, cause it should have less bugs, more features, more security and greater stability. But since I don't know much about router lingo, what it means to me is confusing.

To me:

VPN means: the ability to set up a private network

NOCAT means I cannot use my gigabit LAN ports... which would suck, since that's partially why I bought this router.

So can you guys help me understand the lingo:

What do these terms mean:






VLAN-RT (Virtual LAN-RT?)



RT-Ext (Extended? The Ext file is much larger than the Std, which is larger than the Lite)

RT-Std (Standard? what exactly is standard?)


NoUSB (I'm guessing can't use the usb port on router)

NVRAM (Non Volatile RAM? What does this have to do with the firmware?)



why are some (tomato) files .trx and some .bin?

Also I was told that my WNR3500L router is a MIPSR2 router, is this so?

and  here:

a post where the author is written as NETGEAR, says the chipset has a "Dual band radio transceiver". I know for a fact that the WNR3500L can have dual WANs. A main WAN and a Guest WAN (not sure if it supports more, only now learning about it). But on the box and site where I bought it says "IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz", which means it's single band. Can anyone give some insite on this? Is the dual band radio transceiver simply referring to the dual WAN or can I install firmware in it to make it a true dual band?

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I would start here and look

I would start here and look at their list on the types.