Tomato and VPNservice

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Tomato and VPNservice

I have installed the latest Tomato firmware on my Netgear WNR3500L v2 and it works fine. Now I want to use OpenVPN on the router, Im buying a VPNservice from a company. From this company I have 2 files = a static key and a .ovpn file.

The problem: I cant get it to work! Is it posible to connect my router to my VPNservice and all computers in my homenetwork going at this tunnel?

I have read in other forums that every computer needs openVPN installed to connect to the router and then the router sends the client to tunnel and you need to make your own keys, but in that case the router is the server, or?

I think of it like this: My VPNservice that I buing=server, my router=client, router does the trafic from my homenetwork to the VPNtunnel. Or im thinking wrong?!? And how do I make this to work?

Someone plz explain to me