Tomato back to OFW flash issues

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Tomato back to OFW flash issues

Hi all,


I am currently running Tomato Shibby 1.40 on my R8000. I am trying to revert back to OFW. I am following Shibbys guide. I have downloaded the R8000-V1.0.3.4_1.1.2.chk file from the Back to OFW from Shibbys site.


When flashing I keep getting the error   “/tmp/flashCILxLC: Bad trx header”


Am I missing something or is it the wrong file he has posted ?

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I dont have the R8000 but i

I dont have the R8000 but i think it is the same with R6400 that i own but im not really sure and try to upload the initial file with upgrade field that you find in Administration and use the file meant for your router so you dont brick the router and if you find the file to revert back to Netgear official firmware upload it and wait and be very careful.smiley