Tomato build 53, Samba over WIFI keeps dropping.

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Tomato build 53, Samba over WIFI keeps dropping.

There are so many pieces to this I am not sure what to look at.

I have a Dell 1530 laptop running Backup Exec 2010 version 9.0.2 backing up to a WNR3500L running Tomato.   Current I am on build 53 however this problem has been happening for some time.  I am backing up to a 1TB external drive formatted EXT3  connected USB to the 3500L.  I am not sure what model drive.

When I go to backup in BESR the "My Documents" which is quite large, that normally works fine.

When I attempt a full system backup which is much larger, it runs for a while and then the WIFI Samba connection drops within 5 to 15 minutes.   It connects right  back, however BESR is done.   If I plug into the Ethernet port, it works ok.

I also have two Trednet TEW-637AP(v2.0R) V1.3.0.84 wired into the WNR3500L.   I have one device on channel 1, another on 5, and another on 11 so there is not much overlap.  All run in mixed mode, no greenfield.

If I connect WIFI to these devices, the same issue occurs.  Doesn't matter which I connect to.

What can I look at?   My Macbook has similar issues when browsing the SMB share on the 3500L.  It will often drop.  It's right back there, however when it is multimedia, VLC will hang.   This would lead me to think SMB, however if I use the Tomato FTP server and open in VLC the path using FTP:// , the same thing occurs, and it occurs more often.

So it's not just SMB/Samba.  It's FTP too.   Yet wired seems ok.  It's not just wireless on the 3500L but if I connect wireless on the Trendnets too.

Disconnecting the Trendnets and powering them off doesn't help.   This problem occurs even if I am within 10 feet and line of site to the AP.

I'm confused.  Any ideas?