Tomato causing R6400 to lockup. I need help.

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Tomato causing R6400 to lockup. I need help.

I have tried 4 version of shibby's Tomato firmware (138-AIO, 138-VPN, 140-AIO, 140-VPN) and love the way they all work.

BUT! when I set up the router as a VPN router using OpenVPN protocol, the router will lock up after only a few minutes. The only way to get it back up is to power cycle it and then wait for it to lock again.

With the exception of the settings enabled for the VPN service, everything else is set to default.

Do I have something set incorrectly that is causing this or is it firmware related?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Note: I have also tried different versions of  DD-WRT but they will not connect to the VPN provider. Their tech support has spent hours trying to help me get it to work but it won't connect. On a positive note, the router never locks up when using DD-WRT.

No offense to Shibby, but

No offense to Shibby, but Tomato trashed my r6400. I had to open up the chassis and tap the console via serial connection.... yep, ye' olde console.

I recommend switching to Kognac. It runs well and seems to be less buggy. 

Again, Shibby and Kong are both pimps. That's my anecdotal experience. So take it with a grain of salt.