Tomato Setup Question - LAN Access

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Tomato Setup Question - LAN Access

Tomato version 136 installed and working.  I have 2 goals for using the R7000.  One is to connect to Centurylink using a tagged VLAN of 201.  Ok so far.  The other goal is to separate wireless from the wired LAN ports.  Thus, the Wireless is just for internet access.

Following suggestions, I created 2 new bridges, br1 and br2.  I also created 2 new VLANS to allow 2 Virtual Wireless interfaces to exist (1 bridge and 1 VLAN for each of the 2 radios).  I hope, but do not know for sure, that running the 2 virtual wireless VLANS does separate WLAN from LAN.  As I understand it,  the bridges all have to do with where the wireless connects to in the router.

Current Question is about Tomato GUI selection ADVANCED/LAN ACCESS.  There you can specify which LAN thing connects to which other LAN thing  ... or not.  The default connection is LAN (br0) connects to destination LAN1(br1).  I interpret this to mean that the internal WIFI to Wired LAN bridge (br0) is connected to my newly created br(1) that carries the virtual wireless to the CPU.  Turning off this connection is not an option - the firmware just turns it on again.  So, I am obviously ignorant about what this setting means, since I don't want the wireless to communicate with the wired LANS. 


A similar setting is found in the ADVANCED/VLAN page where you can assign a wireless VLAN to a bridge device.  It all seems redundant.  Can anyone clarify?