Tomato by Shibby Now Supports the R6400


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Tomato by Shibby Now Supports the R6400

After DD-WRT added support for the R6400, I poked Shibby and asked if he'd be able to port it based off of all that data and it turns out he was able to! He sent me a test build a few weeks back and I had no major issues with it.


He finally released v138 and with that comes R6400 support!




For those of you who like it, a version of the AdvancedTomato frontend for v138 should be coming soon.

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Upgraded from Kong a few days

Upgraded from Kong a few days ago. 1st time using tomato. Works great! Look forward to more updated. 


I am not finding as much documentation on tomato. DD-WRT has many tutorials guides forums etc. 


I due have some questions on overclocking and policy based routing with tomato.

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Tomato on my r6400 is kind of

Tomato on my r6400 is kind of a bummer — I like the monitoring and graphing a lot, but I can't use 802.11 AC nor can I use an existing DHCP/DNS resolver trivially. The lack of AC wireless is probably going to make me switch back to DD-WRT.


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Same here,

Same here,

no AC mode, Wifi signal strength is the worst I have ever seen, and PPTP client does absolutely nothing - not even shows error messages.

Wifi is completely messed up on this device. 5ghz range is 10 meters at most, with clear line of sight! Unusable.

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I also switched back to DD

I also switched back to DD-WRT on my R6400. However the KongAC version I am using has some issues too.  Has the lack of AC been fixed yet on Tomato??? I saw that the advnced tomato gui was available now and I would like to give it another go.

I did really like tomatos gui it was very straight forward with lots of options.... Problem was some of them didnt work to well. 

But it was the the 1st release so that will happen.

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Apparently AC mode does work

Apparently AC mode does work on Shibby v138, as well as on Toastman.  See here:

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Just unpacked my nrew r6400

Just unpacked my nrew r6400 and flashed shibby-138 (AdvancedTomato version) onto it.  My smartphone connects at 400mb/sec over 5Gz-AC.  Seems to be working.

What is not working, is 80Mhz channel width on 5G --> probably needed to get the ~800mb/sec that the factory firmware showed before I turfed it.


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Okay, the 5Ghz band does seem

Okay, the 5Ghz band does seem flakey with Shibby's Tomato.  So I tried Kong's latest DD-WRT build for the r6400 --> horrid user interface, but the 5GHz band does work a heck of a lot better than on Shibby.   My opinion at the moment is that DD-WRT is the only option for 5GHZ on the r6400.  I think it's even a bit better on 2.4Ghz, but that's difficult to quantify.

Neither firmware uses channel width 80 on 5Ghz, even when told to do so via the menus... always results in 40 in the end.  That's probably what limits my -AC connection speeds to around 400mbit/sec instead of the 800+ seen with the stock firmware.  Not an issue here -- internet is no faster than 250mbit/sec right now.

On 2.4Ghz. Shibby won't give me a channel width of 40 no matter what I've tried -- DD-WRT serves it up without fuss.

Ugh.. so.. DD-WRT with the twisty maze of menus almost all unalike, but with working radios.  Versus very usable Tomato, with poor 5Ghz and OK 2.4Ghz. 


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I did get 80Mhz channel width

I did get 80Mhz channel width working (DD-WRT) on the 5GHz band after all.  Had to manually select channel 64, along with width 80, and "upper upper".

Link speed now 832mbit/sec at close range.