tomatousb and add user

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tomatousb and add user

Hello there
I find it quite surprising to have been "hacked" the only machine that has an admin "admin". And we had fun note the corresponding ip - hadopi-since we are now using France as providers with ip or servers abroad. Also evolve ....  

All this to search for videos on accounting association website ...
All other machines have resisted.

everyone says,
everyone knows,
but nobody considered the simple solution.
Suddenly it's a chore.

Admin takes 3 seconds to be integrated.
Passwords are more important to be found.

Generally the words generic password or generated by software take several days to be cracked.
Login 'admin' 3 seconds.

Login consists of 32 or 64 characters discourages the best hackers ... because too often it is not hardware. So we know that those who are seeking to enter .... more powerful.

This is aritnmétique 64 power 64 gives much more work than 64 x 3seconces ..... lol

all this to say:
unless we missed something,
we have not found a way to "kill" admin to replace by another user with the same unlimited rights.

Question, for safety reasons,
someone could give us a tutorial for
1 add user root
2 remove the current user "admin"
3 if it is not possible to delete "admin" to make it completely inactive.

I need your help, because honestly, routing is not my thing.

I need a simple tutorial either script or otherwise but "you take me by the hand" and told me where to put them.

Thank you very much for the answers that you will make.


sorry for my english but it is automated through Gougle I can do. So be indulgent.