TomatoUSB Build 51 is available (beta 22)

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TomatoUSB Build 51 is available (beta 22)

Hi All,

I checked the today and found that there's a fresh build today

Enjoy it

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If anyone is interested in

If anyone is interested in what's new, here is a copy and paste from the CHANGELOG:

build 51 - 10/04/2010

Access Restrictions criteria: allow to specify Src/Dst Address, expand list
of available protocols.

Allow to specify hostnames in addition to IP addresses for iptables rules
(port forwarding, access restrictions, QoS).

Allow to specify hostname in addition to IP address for remote logging.

Replaced old Tomato's bcount match by standard connbytes match.

Added "Interference Mitigation" setting to Advanced->Wireless.

L2TP client daemon replaced with xl2tpd 1.2.7 (should provide better

Execute *.autorun scripts loaded from nvram.

Web Usage: added GUI option to clear web usage logs.

Added additional timing options for syslog marker output.

Display nvram usage on Administration->Configuration page.

PPTP/L2TP WAN connections: fixed routing and firewall rules for internal
ISP network (MAN), allow to specify static routes for MAN interface, added
support for MPPE/MPPC encryption/compression, added custom options to GUI.

Added support for ZTE ZXV10 H618B, Linksys WRT310N v1 and v2 routers.

Fixed support for D-Link DIR-320, Asus WL-500G Deluxe.

Fixed bugs in signal processing and restarting service applications.

Fixed support for DHCP classless static routes broken in build 50.

Fixed wireless channel selection in GUI when switching between B/G/N modes.

Disabled loading USB 1.1 module (ohci or uhci) for non-existing controllers
on Asus routers.

Include additional iptables matches: quota, hl (K26 only).

Software updates: Linux kernel, MiniUPnPd 1.4 20100921, pppd (fixes
from upstream), ntfs-3g (in Extras builds) 2010.10.2.

Code clean-up, minor bug fixes, cosmetics.

* Kernel 2.4-based builds only:

Toolchain: switch kernel 2.4 builds to use gcc 4.2.4 for userspace apps,
binutils 2.20.1, updated binary 32-bit toolchain.

* Kernel 2.6-based builds only (beta22):

Fixed bugs in conntrack modules forward-ported from kernel 2.4.

GUI cosmetics: display a message on "Media Server" page when directory scan
is in progress.

Restored JFFS in K26 Std builds (was disabled in build 50).

Write checksum to the end of mtd block during firmware flash on Netgear
routers: this should fix flashing back to the OEM firmware.

Various kernel bug fixes and performance-related patches backported from
upstream 2.6 kernel.

Expanded set of available extra kernel modules - included modules for HID,
sound and webcam (UVC) support.

Software updates: MiniDLNA (cvs 2010-09-28), radvd 1.6, Samba
3.0.37 (latest in 3.0 series) with security fixes from
(CVE 2010-2063, CVE 2010-3069).

Peter Redmer
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Thanks for passing on the

Thanks for passing on the information - we're adding these to the download section!


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Installed the latest beta22

Installed the latest beta22 of Tomato yesterday after years with DD-WRT on different platforms and i am NOT changing back to DD-WRT. For my purposes Tomato is simply brilliant. I now use Tomato beta 22 on my 3500L and Gargoyle 1.3.5 on my 3x Fonera 2100.

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I hope L7 filtering works on

I hope L7 filtering works on this one...!

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This build works very well on

This build works very well on the WNR3500L. Seems very fast. The media server works well too.

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"Gargoyle 1.3.5 on my 3x

"Gargoyle 1.3.5 on my 3x Fonera 2100."

That post made me realize that THERE ARE other firmwares for my 2 foneras! :) Awesome, thanks a bunch!

I was "stuck" with dd-wrt on these, as tomato does not work with them, so i could not connect them with my buffalo router for forming a wds etc..