TX Power WGR614L

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TX Power WGR614L


I am running DD:WRT v24 SP2 Std that was compiled for this router and it is running flawlessly so far for me.  

I noticed that you can change the TX transmit power, it is currently set to 70 mW, however the dd:wrt documentation states that the default is 28 mW, but 70 mW is safe.  I don't want to burn my router our prematurely, so I wanted to know what a safe TX power setting is for this router. 

Can I leave it at 70 mW or should I change it to default value or 28 mW?

Thanks for any help.

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For most of the hardwares a

For most of the hardwares a TX power of upto 84mW is considered safe , so you can keep it at 70mW as you have done already.
From a network security standpoint, the transmitter power level should be enough so that intended area can be covered reliably.