Unidentified Network - No Internet

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Unidentified Network - No Internet

I've been using the router via Wifi for few months and it's been working fine. I also have Xbox One X connected via LAN which works but I recently connected my HTPC to it and it does not work. I just get error "Unidentified Network - No internet". At first I thougth it was issue with LAN card so I updated all drives and it was the same issue. Then I connected my laptop which showed similar behaviour. 

I restarted my router and it started working fine but once the computer is restarted or it goes to sleep, same thing starts happening until the router is restarted. I installed a customer firmware and same issue. Then I installed DomaOS which worked intially but after a day same thing is happening. 

Does anyone have any advise on what could be wrong? I'm out of my return period otherwise I would have just returned the router.  

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Try a factory reset and set

Try a factory reset and set up from scratch. 

Swap LAN cabling between PC and router. CAT6 is recommended. 

Whats the Mfr and model# of the ISP modem the router is connected too? 

Try loading Stock FW and see.