Upstream QoS not working as expected?

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Upstream QoS not working as expected?

On Comcast (150 D/12 L). Seeing a pretty big bufferbloat issue, I was playing with the upstream QoS setting on my R6400 router to see if I can solve the bufferbloat issue that way.

I tried setting the upstream QoS to be a little below my upload speed (11 mbps), and applied it. To my surprise, though, the download speed went down to an unusable speed after the change. I quickly reverted the change.

Have other had luck making the upstream QoS work, especially regarding the bufferbloat issue? Thanks!

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On the QOS page there is a

On the QOS page there is a port setting.  When set to "WAN" upload / download settings work on their respective ports, BUT when set to LAN/WLAN the upload / download settings reverse.  The upload affects the download and the download setting affects the uploads.  This is because the QOS works on either side of the router input (WAN) or output (LAN/WLAN) and when on the backside the settings reverse. Like someone unpluging something with 2 plugs from the input side and pluging into the output side, on the other side of the box they reverse.  Seems like someone should either put a prominante note in the GUI or possibly a software algorithm to reverse these when set to the backside(LAN/WLAN).  Old thread but an answer might help someone.