USB 3.0 port problem

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USB 3.0 port problem

I connected  WD MyBookDuo to the USB 3 port on my R8000 and all was well. I did some backups using Acronis True Image 2015, all well. But now with the WD MyBook Duo in the USB 3 port the ReadyShare utility says no USB connected and the USB led is off. The network map however does show the WD MyBookDuo, it is just not seeing it as a USB device when on USB 3 port. I can use other USB 3 devices on the USB 3 port OK.

The WD Mybook Duo connects Ok on the USB 2 port and also works OK on my PC USB 3 port. I have reinstalled the latest firmware manually, I have factory resei with no luck. Any thoughts ? Would DD-WRT help ?