Virgin SuperHub in modem mode & Tomato Router

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Virgin SuperHub in modem mode & Tomato Router

Hey guys,

I hope this is the right forum for my issue, if not, please correct me!


I've got the following problem:

I am using VirginMedia since today and want to replace the crappy Virgin SuperHub with my NETGEAR 3500L Router with Tomato firmware (not the most recent one, but not older than 3 months - I can look the version up if necessary).

Luckily, it is possible to set the SuperHub into "Modem only" mode, as described here.

So, I did that and then connected the first LAN port (as described) to the WAN connection port on my Netgear router. But thats it. I wasn't able to find the correct setting in Tomato. I was looking for something like "my internet connection does not require a login", because the modem will connect itself. Do I have to put the router into DHCP mode? Can somebody help me with that?I guess its not complicated and read that many people are using this kind of connection, but unfortunately I seem to be too stupid...

Thank you a lot and don't hesitate to ask further questions!