Voxel - IKEV2 VPN support?

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Voxel - IKEV2 VPN support?

Hi, i really like Voxel custom firmware, i have installed ENTWARE on Disk On Key.


Can anyone please explain how to install and setup IKEV2 VPN?


root@Voxel:/opt$ opkg list | grep -i ikev2

strongswan-charon - 5.6.1-1 - StrongSwan is an OpenSource IPsec implementation for the Linux operating system. This package contains charon, an IKEv2 keying daemon.

strongswan-mod-coupling - 5.6.1-1 - StrongSwan IKEv2 plugin to couple peer certificates permanently to authentication plugin



Thank you very much in advance,


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Hi Shuki,

Hi Shuki,

have you had any luck setting up StrongSwan / IPSec IKEv2?

I'm also using Voxel's awesome firmware on my R7800 and would like to keep it, but since my VPN service now supports IKEv2 I'm considering switching from OpenVPN to StrongSwan.